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Success Story 

NCIL - Brent Council Funding Awarded to Peer Support & Training for Possibilities & Believe

The project will focus on Employability, Confidence and Motivation. All sessions will be activity based and good refreshments will be provided. 

We will be delivering the project weekly for a year from Chalkhill Community Centre, Wembley (Tues 3pm -5pm) and Brent Hub Community Enterprise Centre, Harlesden (Thurs 3pm -5pm).  

The first session will be on the 12th of Nov at Chalkhill Community Centre, Wembley (Tues 3pm -5pm), 14th Nov Brent Hub Community Enterprise Centre, Harlesden (Thurs 3pm -5pm).  

The Programme is free and Residents of Brent are eligible to attend.


Success Story 

Interview with Chalkhill Community Radio Station 

Chairperson Dean Gray was interviewed by presenter Ileasha Nicholson from Chalkhill Community Radio Station to promote our  Possibilities and Believe Programmes. The Interview went well, and we hope to engage with the Young People who regularly listen to the Radio Station.


Success Story

   Courtnie Blake 22

I was in a dead-end job which was making me unhappy. Peer Support and Training provided Mentoring (Skills4L) which helped me with in-work support, Confidence and Motivation training (Believe) which inspired me to pursue my dreams in business. I have now started my dream business (Cakes of Quality by Court's). I am happy and fully motivated to achieve my goals. 


Success Story 

General support PRU

Chairperson Dean Gray was awarded a trophy for the support provided to a group of Year 11's in a Pupil Referral Unit. This support included Life Skills, Confidence and Motivation, Employability and CV Support. The School and pupils spoke highly of the support received and the positive effect it had on the group. He built such a strong connection with the group that they look up to him not only as a "role model of positivity" but also as a "bigger brother".


Success Story 

Gavin Gayle 22

Gavin was working part-time for a local supermarket but also wanted to pursue a career in computing and video editing. After receiving Mentoring (Skills4L), Confidence and Motivation training  (Believe)  and Business support from Peer Support and Training Gavin gained the self-belief and received a clear path of action to pursue his aspirations. He saved money from his salary to buy the equipment he needed. As soon as he had reached his target, he set up his YouTube channel and now has a worldwide audience with over 800 other channels subscribing to his content. His channel is called "Hazardz 35" which specialises in Gaming.


Success Story 

Weekly sessions at Look Ahead Housing and Care (Willesden) to support the Young Residents

We are currently delivering our Possibilities and Believe Programme to the Young People at Look Ahead Housing. This is the only way some of the Residents can access the Programme due to their circumstances.

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